From complete project development to vertically integrated production for complex mil specs to delivering military grade concealed body armor and accessories for personal use, SBI is ready. What do you need? We can do it. Our current or previously manufactured items in the military category include but are not limited to military MOLLE, medium and large rucksacks, assault packs, IWCS, ACU, ABU, BDU, helmet covers, FROG, A2CU and more.


Inclement Weather Combat Shirt:

The U.S. Marine Corps’ Inclement Weather Combat Shirt (IWCS) is a newly designed Flame Resistant combat garment that incorporates the latest in fabrics technology and construction design. IWCS gives the warfighter an added level of protection from heat blast and flash-fire environments than previously available. The shirt’s design gives added precious time for our soldiers to escape these situations and prevents 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The shirt is comfortable yet rugged to withstand battlefield conditions. It is worn with other gear such as Outer Tactical Vests and Fighting Load Carriers.


Combat Desert Jacket:

The Combat Desert Jacket is designed specifically for desert operations. The CDJ is manufactured from various flame-resistant fabrics that are strategically placed in the design to provide diverse forms of protection. For example, the lower back and shoulder areas are made from a lightweight GORE-TEX® fabric to keep the wearer dry while the middle of the back, which requires more breathability when wearing a pack, is made from a lined-knit fabric. The CDJ features a stretchy wind resistant nylon fabric with sleeves crafted from a four-way stretch material. CDJ’s are lined with coyote gridded fleece and features color matched waterproof zippers. Sleeves are capped with a monkey paw design and has a roll up neck gaiter incorporated into the collar. Other features of the CDJ are fabrics that suppress growth of odor causing fungus, pockets designed with a hand warmer feature, and chest and sleeve rank tabs.


MOLLE Large and Medium Rucksacks:

The MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) Large and Medium Rucksacks are made of water-repellant military specified fabrics and composites. These two sizes of Rucksacks can accommodate add-on components such as first aid kits, ammo pouches, hydration systems, and other battlefield components. Rucksacks can be worn with other tactical vests such as the Fighting Load Carrier that accepts additional military gear and weapon components. Integration of load carrying gear gives soldiers ability to tailor their loads to meet different types of field missions.


MOLLE Assault Pack:

The MOLLE Assault Pack is a top loading, large capacity pack that can be attached directly to the MOLLE Ruck system or worn as a standalone patrol pack. It has a large main pocket and zippered front cargo pocket. The front cargo pocket is large enough to accommodate 3 or 4 complete MRE packages or NVG’s in a hard case or a 6-magazine bandoleer. Within the front cargo pocket are also utility pockets with VELCRO® brand closures on flap for smaller items. This pack features a separate slot to integrate with hydrations systems or communication antenna. The interior main compartment integrates with communications systems that accommodate attachment of internal pack radio pouches. The Assault Pack has attachment points along the padded shoulder straps with quick-ditch buckles. It’s compatibility with other MOLLE systems such as main packs, medical packs, radio pouches, canteen pouches, ammo magazine pouches, hydration systems, and is approved for airborne operations.


Army Combat Uniform:

Army Combat Uniforms are Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment items that replaced Battle Dress Uniforms and Desert Camouflage Uniforms in 2007. ACU was fielded during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. ACU trousers and shirts are designed for soldier comfort in temperate environments and enhanced hot weather conditions. Three different versions of the ACU were evaluated at Army training centers and battle-tested in Iraq. The Army’s Natick Laboratory advanced the original fabric digital pattern to the next level by developing a new pattern for worldwide theater requirements.


M4, M8 and M249 Bandoleers:

The M4 bandoleer is the latest design for ammunition pouches. It’s designed to contain storage of a large number of 7.62mm ammunition for the M4 rifle. The M4 bandoleer is manufactured with rugged cotton fabric and design features that provide protection on the battlefield and in adverse weather conditions. In addition to having a shoulder strap, it has snaps on the back to allow attachment to MOLLE Rucksacks, Assault Packs and Fighting Load Carriers.

The M8 bandoleer is a rugged cotton bag with small pockets for storing 5.56 mm cartridges and magazines, worn over the shoulder or across the chest. Like bandoleers for other ammunition, this bag is manufactured with rugged fabrics and design features that provide protection on the battlefield and in adverse weather conditions.


Tier II Protective Overgarment (POG):

The U.S. Marine Corps’ POG provides increased protection of the perineum region for Military personnel exposed to Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks in response to an Urgent Statement of Need (USON). The PPS is capable of being worn over the combat uniform, attached to the trouser belt and easily deployed by the user. This modular overgarment has the same ballistic protection level as current USMC soft armor, and it comes in various sizes to accommodate the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male. The Tier II PPS will increase protection to the groin, buttocks and perineum regions from high velocity fragments resultant from IED attacks. The Tier II PPS will comply with the Berry Amendment.


Improved Outer Tactical Vest:

Improved Outer Tactical Vest is a modular, lightweight tactical vest developed as the next generation to the OTV system. The IOTV provides greater ballistic protection and user comfort and offers several added features that improve wearer comfort and overall performance. IOTV also offers reduced total system weight, enhanced ballistic coverage, improved fit and ergonomics, and better user mobility.

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