What Do You Need? We Can Do It.

The following past performance examples are provided to feature SBI’s manufacturing capability as it pertains to a diverse and flexible manufacturing acumen, broad product portfolio, and the overall aptitude to successfully manage/execute simultaneous large scale customer demands:

Protective Undergarment (PUG)

Completed this contract with zero quality or delivery schedule deficiencies; featured the manufacture of over 10,000 garments per week.

  • SBI designed both the PUG garment as well as their movable ballistic inserts.
  • SBI was awarded 2 separate contracts, one of which is a multi-year contract. NOTE: SBI also added further value to another partner/competitor by offering SBI’s design within a subcontractor agreement.


Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) Soft Armor Inserts

Recently completed serving as a First-Tier subcontractor for existing DLA body armor contract; implementing a manufacturing ramp schedule featuring the delivery requirement of over 1200 soft armor kits (front insert, rear insert, deltoids, groin, lower back) per week.

  • SBI has successfully attained First Article Testing (FAT) of a Generation II OTV Soft Armor solution at Aberdeen Testing Center (ATC)
  • SBI’s internal/organic capabilities to develop, test, validate and manufacture US military-grade soft armor solutions are an immediate force multiplier for potential partnerships in a price-sensitive marketplace.
  • SBI’s optimal relationship with suppliers of soft armor insert raw materials enable us to be at the cutting edge of new generation IOTV solutions.


Navy Security Forces Vest (NSFV):

  • SBI has been awarded a multi-year contract with NAVSEA for the manufacture of NIJ 06, Level IIIA certified soft armor solutions
  • Contract also includes the manufacture of tactical carriers to accompany soft armor inserts.
  • SBI has recently successfully passed FAT-evaluation and is pending future delivery orders once the NSFV program commences.


Note: Commercial and International Body Armor Requirements

  • With multiple NIJ 0101.06 Certifications, the proven ability to manufacture on time and with top-level quality, SBI has earned the trust of various customers & distributors for the sale of soft armor solutions (concealable and tactical vests) for the law enforcement and international community.
  • SBI has the organic capability to manufacture soft armor solutions within the parameters of an OEM relationship, subcontractor relationship or as a direct / prime contractor if the socio-economic evaluation factors favor SBI as the lead.